Women's Health & Hormones

Are you a lady experiencing Peri or Menopausal symptoms? Hormones can be the missing link into why women are simply not getting well. Research shows that we can turn symptoms around by using diet,
nutrition and committing to other small lifestyle changes.

DO YOU SUFFER FROM: Hot Flushes Migraines PMT Brain Fog Blood Pressure Stubborn Belly Fat Adrenal Fatigue Anxiety Depression Thyroid Problems Weight issues
About Me I’m Sharon and I’m a Naturopath consultant, qualified in nutritional healing, (NHFDip Advanced) and a Yin yoga teacher, who will be able to help you regain your health, using, food, nutrition, hydration, stress management and natural techniques, for disease prevention and possible reversal.


Women's Health and Hormone Group

This is a six month programme and each month is dedicated to a specific area designed to support your wellness journey. My aim is to support and assist you in this empowering reclamation of your body through holistic selfcare and exercise. You are in control and while my ethos is natural health care this is a group for everyone, Women who don’t want to go on HRT and for those already on HRT that may wish to look at natural options.
Come along to our weekly classes and if you miss one, you can always catch up online on the private Facebook group, you will have access to.
Try healthy delicious foods, chat with other members, listen to educational talks and tips. You also have the option of tracking your weight if you wish.

Join us and meet other members, share your stories with similar minded people and take the opportunity to share the difficulties you may be experiencing by chatting to others who are successfully following the programme.
£10 a week payable in cash, or via bank transfer.

Other Services Available:

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I also do group talks on

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