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Nature's way to health

Nature’s Way to Health is my dream that I have turned into a reality. My sole purpose is to help others as I did myself to heal from within.

You will learn to heal within

Each session we will prepare a plant-based breakfast, soup, main meal, salad and dessert for you to take home along with the knowledge and technique required to make it again for all the family.


My aim is to help you invest in yourself to transform your life health and wellness. I do talks on the following subjects:

Gut Health (Chronic Fatigues IBS)

The Gastrointestinal tract is about 26 feet long and it starts will the mouth and ends with the rectum.


Allergies can cause a very common problem few people know about - which is how to identify the causes or know how to eliminate them. 

Children’s Nutrition

What we feed our children today in the western world is currently setting them up for a lifetime of adult disease.


Sharon will be talking about female hormone imbalance (menopause). This is often a missing link into why women are not getting well.

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